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You are a professional and you want to use the video in a recurring and effective way without having a skills in audiovisual?
Now you can do it!

By saving money

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By becoming flexible

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RoCamRoll captures and follows up

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Live or on demand

Higher education institution or training center

Rely on a turnkey video system to give a new dynamic to the transmission of your knowledge!

You want to capitalize your knowledge sharing on video more easily, but you are not an expert of the video media and you lack of time and money?

RoCamRoll revolutionizes the video with its new generation equipment. Two options are available to you: You can equip our turnkey camera systems, or make your existing hardware installation smart and automatic.


Use the RoCamRoll nomadic equipment in the right room, the right size and for the right event and stand out from the competition by offering an innovative service to your customers!


You regularly receive events (seminars, trainings, congresses, exhibitions ...) and your clients often use video providers to keep track of their events?

Use autonomous cameras RoCamRoll in your rooms : You make your customers' task easier and enrich your offer by offering a new turnkey video capture and editing service.
Your customers make their event in total privacy and leave with their video, which they can broadcast and share easily!

Event agency

Offer a live or on demand video service to your customers all the time, anywhere at a lower cost!


As a professional event organizer, you regularly offer video services to your customers.Make no more compromise between quality, cost and period, become autonomous by making your own film.

Discover the smart and automatic solution RoCamRoll and become 100% autonomous. Your customers will be amazed by the quality of the result!

Large or small enterprise

Enhance your internal and external communication: the films of your professional events are delivered turnkey with RoCamRoll!


You are member of the communication department and you want to give a dynamic and attractive dimension to your company?
You belong to the training department and you are committed to transfer your know-how?

Because your events are real communication asset, the smart solution RoCamRoll delivers the best moments and automatically performs a video that will present your work in an original and immersive way. And icing on the cake, you are autonomous and no longer depend on any provider, even if you have never use a camera of your life!

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