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Enhance your internal and external communication: The films of your professional events are delivered turnkey with RoCamRoll!
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Professional events

Corporate event, team building, seminars, product launch, Gala evening ... You want to federate your employees and arouse emotions to the participants so that they can remember your events? Do you have to focus on interaction with participants to develop relationships? Because your event has a life before, during and after, you need to communicate on your website and your social media?

RoCamRoll is made for you!

Training your employees

The transfer of skills and knowledge is a central issue for your business with the retirement age of senior executives, leading to a massive departure of qualified specific skills. With the RoCamRoll solution, enter the era of new pedagogy by capitalising your knowledge on video to transmit them more easily to new generations (digital natives) adapted to their digital culture, all at affordable costs.

What RoCamRoll can do for you...

An autonomous solution

No need to outsource your video services:

You are 100% autonomous with an smart Plug & Play solution.

Optimized costs

The RoCamRoll solution guarantees you a fixed annual cost and shared resources:

nomadic, the RoCamRoll equipment does not immobilize a room

and can be used by several services.

An optimal rendering

Live and turnkey Video

Professional quality for immediate use.

A 100% secure system

Ready to film in quarter of an hour, you secures all your meetings

and capture them on video.

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