Increase the attractiveness of your customers!

Create emotion with the movies of your events!

Use stand-alone video system in your rental space
and stand out from the competition by offering an innovative video service
live or on demand to your customers all the time, everywhere and at lower cost!

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Stand out and value your services!

Do you offer rental spaces to host professional events?
Choose RoCamRoll, the all-in-one solution for capturing, upmounting, distributing, and automatically sharing all your events live.

Equip yourself with the standalone video solution and offer a new innovative service to your customers!

You guarantee them a perfect confidentiality since they are 100% autonomous to film their codir, board of Directors, etc.

The small plus: with our nomadic equipments, you can now exploit all your spaces with variable geometry and value the peripheral rooms.

RoCamRoll has several goals to help you achieve yours: simplicity, creativity, quality ...

But in the end, a single credo: To live a unique and tailor-made experience, both appealing, immersive, participatory and emotional to the participants.

You stand out by making your events memorable!

What RoCamRoll can do for you..

A plug & play solution

Your customers can film their own event without any

Ability to capture or video editing.

Innovative equipment

Value Generator for your service offer,

You can conquer new customers.

In addition, you propose an original 100% solution

That allows you to differentiate yourself.

A nomadic system

Transportable from one room to another and installable in a turn of hand,

Your customers are leaving with the film of their events.

Optimized costs

An annual cost fixed by a long term subscription,

No matter how many videos are made.

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