Simply capitalize and broadcast your knowledge on video

Rely on a turnkey video system to give a new dynamic to the transmission of your knowledge!

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For the education of young people...

75% of families have a computer connected and 91% of teenagers have a smartphone.

In the age of digital and video, the world of education is changing:

  • Knowledge is easily accessible on the web and the teacher is more presenter than content-bringing;
  • The MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) videos or "Open and massive online courses" are democratized and tend to become a standard;
  • New forms of interactive teaching are developing: Inverted pedagogy, course teasers, participatory links.

… Or adult education

The transfer of skills and knowledges becomes a central issue in many companies: the arrival at the retirement age of senior executives leads to a departure of qualified specific skills. The real challenge is to capitalize on the key knowledge and know-how of the company and to pass it on to the new Generations (digital natives) in modes adapted to their digital culture, all at acceptable costs.

What RoCamRoll can do for you..

A plug & play solution

100% autonomous, easy to use

and fully automatic 

Turnkey videos

With all the contents of your sequences automatically followed by the speaker,

Capture at the source of slides and videos presented,

Integration and automatic editing live.

A nomadic system

Easy to transport and install

In one round of hand in each of your rooms without any prior equipment.

Optimized costs

The RoCamRoll solution allows you to be attractive by the diversity

And the relevance of the videos offered and capitalize on your training.

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